Sunday, January 13, 2013

Product Review: "Illegal Length" Mascara by Maybelline

In the past, I didn't see the big deal in getting a good mascara. I had been using cheaper mascaras from those bulk make-up sets you can buy at Walmart around Christmas time, just to darken my eyelashes a bit. It worked for what I was using it for, but it really didn't do a whole lot for my lashes. This, or more like last year, I decided to spend a little bit of my Christmas money on a new mascara, to see if I could see a difference in quality. While looking through the make-up section at Walmart, I found a make-up set by Maybelline that came with eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara on sale for $5.00! Who could pass up a deal like that?! I tried it out immediately when I got home, and wow, I never thought that I could fall in love with a mascara, or any other make-up product!

When I first applied Maybelline's "Illegal Length" mascara, I immediately saw the difference between that, and the lower end products I've been using. It went on much more cleanly than products I've used before, and didn't clump up my lashes. And, it actually gave my lashes more length! I also picked up Maybelline's "The Falsies" while I was shopping, and I love pairing these two mascaras together for long, full lashes. 

I've been using this mascara almost everyday since I picked it up. It is definitely a huge step up from what I had been using. I would certainly pay the full $8.99 to repurchase it. $8.99 for mascara used to sound crazy to me, I'm kind of a penny pincher, but I feel that this product is certainly worth it. Sometimes you have to splurge a little bit to find a product you really like! 

Have you tried the "Illegal Length" mascara by Maybelline? What did you think of it? Is it worth the full price of $8.99 in your opinion?

*FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money, I did not this this product for free. I am not being paid for this review. All opinions are 100% honest,and are my own.

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