Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Angelic Designs: Basic Banner Tutorial

I have always wanted to create my own banner to use on my blog, and on other social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others. However... in the past, I always had a hard time getting it to fit correctly into the template. It would either be to small and I couldn't align it, or it would be to large and parts would get chopped off, or shrinking it would make my details hard to see. I could never get it to be the perfect size to where it fit just how I like it, that is.. until it hit me; why not look up the correct pixel size for what I'm making it for? That way it fits perfectly into the template, and there would be as much distortion or alignment issues, as it will align how it should be. This, I found to be the key to making a great looking banner that won't get chopped up or distorted, as well as anything else I may be designing. 

This video won't show the fancy fun stuff I did for my banner, but it'll give you a basic idea. I'll get into more fun stuff soon! The banner design you make is all up to you, as it should represent you. :)

Step- By- Step Instructions:

1. Finding the right size! This is the most important step. On blogger you can find out how wide your banner is supposed to be by going into your blogs layout, and selecting header. Before you upload your image it will tell you how many pixels wide it should be, and will give the the option to shrink to fit (I would still select this option when uploading to be sure your image still won't get cut off)
  • The width of your banner will vary depending on your template, some may also specify a certain height. If you are unsure of what size you need, you may be able to find it on google, especially with popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The website may also specify the resolution when you go to upload it.
2. Open GIMP, or whichever program you prefer and create a new file. Do this be clicking File>New. In the dialog box that comes up, type in the pixel specification (make sure you setting your size in pixels), then click OK. A new window will open with your blank banner. 

3. From this point how you edit your banner is really up to you. Play with colors, gradients, brushes, text... whatever you like. Your banner is all about you!

4. *Optional* If you want your banner to have rounded corners, you will need to first flatten the image. To flatten the image right click on a layer and select flatten image. All of your layers will be merged into one layer.  Then click on filters>decor>round corners then specify what you want in the dialog box and hit okay. A new window will open with your new image.
  • From here you can play around with whether you want to keep the background color and shadow or not. To delete then right click on the layer they are in and select delete layer. 
(Note: rounded corners may change your pixel size a bit if you choose to keep the shadow, this is why I would still select shrink to fit on blogger. They may also not look right on all sites.) 

5. When you are done and ready to save it to upload it to your blog, or view it as a picture, go to File>Export (not save, this will only allow you to save it as a GIMP file. But if you wish to save it and work on it later, then use save), and select the location where you want to save it to and name it as you'd like. You can also change the file type from here. Many websites prefer JPEG or jpg files. Then open it from where you saved it and take a look. 

6. Upload it to your blog or website. Follow the steps on the website, and be sure to check it out to see it you like how it looks!

FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or being endorsed by any of the companies mentioned in this post. I am not being paid to write this post. All opinions are my own. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

They Like You... But... You Don't Like Them That Way...

We all know how nerve wrecking it can be to tell someone that we have a crush on them, or that we like them as more then a friend. I for one could never find the courage to tell a guy that I like him, because I'm so afraid of getting hurt, and because of general shyness. It's a huge risk to tell someone how you feel, because you're really putting your feelings on the line, and if it turns out they don't feel the same way, you'll feel absolutely crushed. So when it's reversed on you, and someone is telling you that they like you, the last thing you want to do is hurt their feelings, even if you don't like them in that way. And if that person is a friend, it can be even harder, because you don't want to lose the friendship. In any case, you just might not want to feel as if you're being mean to them, as you know that it must have taken them a lot to tell you that. It may seem like it's easiest to stretch the truth and say "I like you, but I'm not ready for a relationship right now", rather then just saying "I'm sorry, I don't like you like that". This way you don't have to date them, but you don't hurt their feelings. But believe me, it's much better just to be straight up and tell them the truth. 

You may be flattered that someone likes you, along with not wanting to hurt them, but if you don't like them back, and you really can't see yourself being in a relationship (or being happy in a relationship) with them it's best to just tell them the truth. Sure it's nice to have someone like you, but if they think that they may have a chance and they start getting flirty, things can get really uncomfortable really quick. Thinking you feel the same way, they might be flirty with you, waiting for that day you are ready for a relationship to come. They won't know that it's making you uncomfortable if you keep flirting back, or unless you tell them that you don't like them like that. If they think you like them, they'll think that you like it, and they'll keep persisting with it, having no idea of how creeped out or uncomfortable you may be. No matter how flattered you are, if you don't like them back, and they keep flirting, flattery can turn to resentment towards them, and wanting nothing more then to avoid them. This certainly would not help out the friendship you had with them before. I learned that the hard way.

I am not perfect, and I have gotten myself into this mess before. During my sophomore year of high school I became good friends with this one guy from my school (although it's not his real name, let's just call him George). I had talked to him a few times when I was in 8th grade, but never really all that much until I got into 10th grade. George had always seemed to be really nice, and he was super friendly. It was nice to have a guy friend to talk to, especially with him being a really good listener. It was also nice to be able to talk to a guy that I knew in real life that wasn't a jerk like most of the guys at my school. It was all good, until... I found out that he liked me as more then a friend, but I didn't like him in that way. Nor was I really ready for a relationship, as it was pretty soon after my break-up from my 2-year online "relationship" with Charlie. However, I for sure did not handle it the right way at all. A combination of feeling a bit flattered that a boy liked me, not wanting to hurt his feelings, and not wanting to lose a friend took over me, and I told him I liked him too, but I wasn't ready to date anyone because of what happened with Charlie. So he told me he'd be there when I was ready, and from there... the conversations got uncomfortable and uneasy for me.

The fact that I didn't tell him straight up that I didn't like him in that way, and only liked him as a friend made him feel as if he had a chance, even though he didn't really have much of one. He started to get a little more flirty, and I went along with it most of the time because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I tried to avoid the flirty conversations as much as possible by talking about school, teachers, or anything else, but it would always come back up. It got to the point where every time he would text me I would sigh, and sometimes not answer it and find an excuse later. And although all of our flirting was over the phone and through text, never at school or anywhere face to face, it got to the point where just being around him made me uncomfortable. He was a senior that year, and I couldn't wait for him to graduate so I wouldn't have to see him anymore, and that's when we began to lose contact. He wasn't a bad guy at all, but his flirting really bothered me and drove me away from him. Had I just told him that I only liked as a friend from the beginning, if he was as nice as he seemed to be, he may have laid off and accepted it, and maybe we would still be good friends. I really regret the fact that I didn't just tell him, as I could have saved myself the discomfort and regret, and him the time and effort. 

So as hard as it may be, it's always better to tell the truth. It'll save both of you a lot of time, and emotions in the long run. It will hurt their feelings, but there's no avoiding that. It would hurt them even more if they found out that you never actually felt the same way. You don't have to be mean and nasty about it, just tell them that they are a great friend, and you do care about them and want to be their friend, but you don't want a relationship with them. Keep in mind that if they're a friend they may have the same worry about ruining the friendship. If they truly do value your friendship they should understand it, but they may need some space for a while. It may even be best to keep a little distance for a while so that they can get over you. It may sting a little, and it may even sting a bit to see them get over you and find someone else, but it's for the best. Both of you would be much happier with that, rather then trying to make something you don't want work. 

The other person may not always be able to accept that you just want to be friends, and can't settle for friendship. If this is the case, it's best for both of you that you end the friendship. Trying to keep a friendship with someone that only wants more will only hurt both of you. They may also keep trying to get you to like them, and won't stop flirting, even if you tell them to stop. You may even find that arguments come easily, and fights are constant. It's hard to keep a friendship when fights are coming almost daily. If you can't agree to be friends, and only friends, it may not even be worth it trying to save the friendship. 

If you tell the other person to leave you alone and they won't, or if they start threatening you, you need to tell someone. If they won't stop texting or calling, don't answer them. Block them on any social networking sites you're on so they can't message you. If they keep persisting, tell someone you trust so that they can help you. If they physically follow you around, roam around your home, threaten to harm you in any way, this is a serious matter that needs to be reported to law enforcement immediately. Don't wait until it's to late. Hopefully, and more then likely, it will never come to that, and the other person will lay off, even if they are hurt or mad they'll get over it. But there are some really bad, and creepy people out there. Never get into a relationship because of a threat. If they are willing to hurt you for any reason, they aren't the kind of person you want to have anything to do with. 

Yes, telling someone you don't feel the same way about them is hard. You know it'll hurt them and break their heart, and that it could mean losing a friend, but it'll be best for both of you. It might even save your friendship before you get driven away by unwanted flirting, and it'll save their heart in the long run. You don't wanna get into a relationship that you hope from the beginning won't last. You can't keep it going forever, and you don't wanna wait until they break up with you, or do the exact opposite... :S Yeah.. perhaps telling the truth form the beginning would be better. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super Quick Update: Angelic Glitter's New Look

If any of you have been reading my blog since I started in back on New Year's Day, you may have noticed my blog change it's look quite a few times. I like to change things up often on my blog and keep things looking cute. Typically I would not post an update when I change up my blog, as before my changes were primarily just a change in fonts, colors, and backgrounds, that would take me maybe an hour to do. But this time, I put a little more time (like, the whole day) into it and decided to design my own header and background. It was certainly a challenge to get them just how I wanted, but it was really rewarding, and also kind of fun. I love how it turned out! I also played around with some different templates, as I kept the same template the last few times I changed my blog, but I didn't design the basic layout as I don't know how to make templates. I may make a few more minor edits to the template over the next few days, but nothing to major. :) 

ALSO! As I was creating my header and background, I was thinking that maybe I could make some basic tutorials on how I make some things in GIMP and upload them to my YouTube Channel, along with beauty videos. Please leave a comment if you'd be interesting in them! I hope you all enjoy the new look. :)

-XOXO, Sadie

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

Like any other young adult, (wait.. I'm an adult? WHAT?!) I enjoy things that well, teens and young adult women like. I enjoy playing with make-up, fashion, social networking, shopping, reading books without pictures, and having more grown up conversations with people. The teen and young adult years certainly have its perks. But sometimes I swear that I'm 19 going on 9. I have so many childish wants and desires, and sometimes I just can't stop myself from acting like I'm 8-years-old. For example, at post-prom I jumped into the ball pit and played on the playground like I did when I was little. I just couldn't help myself... especially when everyone else starting doing the same. The little kid in me just came running right out, LOL!

While on any other day, the place we went to for post-prom wouldn't have even let me into the playground area, there is certainly nothing wrong with getting in touch with your inner child. You don't have to play on the playground or jump into the ball pit to enjoy a little bit of the fun you had when you were young. Although if you get the chance, go for it! Who cares about all those stares? YOLO!  Chances are, those people wan to do the same thing. However, the chances that some places let you onto there playground when your older are really rare. So how can you get in touch with your inner child? 

For me the best way to get in touch with my inner child, without crawling through tunnels on the playground and taking the slide into the ball pit, is to get into some of the simpler things I liked when I was little. Watching old TV shows and movies I loved, reading old books, playing old video games, and even listening to old music. Theres something calming about getting into those things again to me, and I often like picking up on things that I didn't get when I was younger within those old books or TV shows. It gives you a new perspective on it, and it helps you to understand it more and even see more humor in it. Sure it's not the same feeling that you had when you were a little kid watching or reading it, but it is still fun to get away from the serious shows and books sometimes. 

I personally love to tune into channels like NickTOONS or TEENick to watch those shows I loved to watch when I was growing up. NickTOONS shows all of the old cartoons such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold, The Wild Thornberries, Rocket Power, Doug, and so many more! They even show those mini-shows that they used to show during commercials. TEENick has shows such as Zoey 101, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Drake and Josh, and others. I love the feeling that I get when I watch these old shows. If you don't have these channels you can always try to find these shows online. You may have to look a bit, but you can find full episodes of so many shows on YouTube. 

It's also fun to go through the collection of kids movies that my family still have on DVD or even VHS, and watch the ones I used to love to watch almost daily. I used to be obsessed with the movie (and book) version of Peter Rabbit when I was little, along with Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and the classics such as Snow White and The Lion King. It may take me a moment to remember how to use the VHS player, but it's always enjoyable to watch those old movies. Plus an old movie night sounds like the perfect idea for a night in with friends. I mean, who doesn't love those classic disney movies they grew up with? 

Probably my favorite way to get in touch with my inner child is to read the books I loved in elementary school. Whether it be the books that had only one sentence per page, then a bunch of colorful pictures, or chapter books like the Junie B. Jones series, it's fun to read those old books again. I also like to laugh at how it once took me a week or so to get through a Junie B. Jones book back in 1st or second grade, when I can now read half the whole series in one day.  I also pick up more on the vocabulary used sometimes, and other characters point of view, and how adorable the characters really are! 

There are really so many ways you can get in touch with your inner child. In addition to old shows, movies, and books, I occasionally play those old video games I loved when I was little. If you still have a working GameCube or PlayStation, or even a GameBoy and some old games, take it out and play for a bit! You might find some of the games easier now then you did then, or maybe just as challenging. You may even find them harder if you're way out of practice! I also like to look up some of the old songs I loved when I was younger. I'll often look up songs that I loved from elementary school and middle school, and listen to old movie soundtracks that I have on CD. Listening to music can really take you back sometimes... And it's a nice feeling. 

We all have that little kid inside of us, no matter how much we try to deny it at times. While we may not be able to play like kids again, there is certainly nothing wrong with setting that inner child free once in a while. Look back to those old things you enjoyed during your childhood sometimes. In fact, it may just be the perfect way to brighten a rough day. Don't be afraid to do some of those simple things again once in a while. It truly does bring back that special feeling. 

What do you like to do to get in touch with your inner child?

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or being paid or promoted by any companies or networks mentioned in this post. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Girls Only: They Come In Two...

Warning: This post talks about puberty, and also has some personal stories in it. Some things may make some people uncomfortable or feel weird. Believe me, I felt a little weird writing this post, but this stuff is nothing to be ashamed of. This post is intended for GIRLS, mostly younger girls who are just starting to go through puberty to give them some pointers and advice. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor so I can't give medical advice. 

Some of us just can't wait to get them. We all get them at some point, some earlier and some later than others. They come in a wide range of sizes. A few of us may even say its our favorite feature. Guys seem to be obsessed with them for some reason. They are, none other than, BREASTS! Or boobs, jugs, jumblies, bazongas, or whatever you choose to call them. Anyways, we all get them, whether we want them or not. It's just another one of those great things about being a woman. 

Personally, getting boobs was probably what I was most excited about when it came to puberty. I've wanted them since I was little, although I don't know why. But I certainly got my wish, and I actually developed a bit earlier than other girls in my school, but not to early. I was about 11, so it was around the right time. I just developed a bit faster than a lot of other girls. I actually kind of enjoyed it, LOL! Well aside from some of the other kids saying they were fake and that I must have had implants, but that was one thing I learned to take as a compliment rather quickly. 

Some girls may get breasts even earlier, or even later. Breasts can start growing anywhere between age 8 and 13, maybe even a little later. They may grow slowly or quickly, but that all depends on your body. All girls bodies are different, so don't fret if you don't develop at the same rate as your friends, or even as your sister. You may not even be fully developed until you're about 16, or you could be fully developed as early as 13 or 14. It all depends on your body. 

The weirdest thing for me was when my boobs first started growing, although I knew what it was, it was still so strange the way they grew. (And this is where writing this gets a bit awkward... LOL! But if it could help someone it's worth it. Plus it's nothing to be ashamed of.) When I was about 11, started noticing that area starting to get a bit puffy. I knew then that my breasts were developing. However they were a bit uneven, so I just wanted to hide it at the time. They were uneven for a while as they were growing, but they eventually evened out and grew at the same rate when I was about 12. It seemed so strange to me, and I admit it was a bit embarrassing at the time. Especially with the fact that I was just starting middle school.

It's completely normal for breasts to grow at different rates, and having one be a little larger then the other while they are growing. They WILL even out at some point, don't worry. They may also have a weird shape while they are growing, which is also normal. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Wearing a bra will help it out a lot, and around the time you start getting a bit puffy around the nipples, you need to start looking for bras. 

It may seem a bit difficult to tell your mom that you need to start buying bras, it was certainly hard for me to bring up anything about growing up to my mom. But she's been through the same thing, and she knows that it's coming for you. You may get the "my baby is growing up!" but it isn't that bad, and you'll be glad you said something. It's best not to try to hide it, she'll know eventually. My mom understood it perfectly, and took me bra shopping. She knew anyways that I've always wanted boobs and bras anyways since I was young, since I'd constantly ask when I could have boobs and wear a bra, so this part of puberty wasn't the hardest to tell her. However, I know that this isn't easy for a lot of girls, but really my best advice on this is to just take a deep breath, and tell her in some way, casually, or even better, straight up. 

You're not going to need a big cup size right away, and when you first start growing, you most likely won't even be an A cup. I started off with a few pairs of training bras. These are meant for girls who are just starting to develop, and can even be worn before you start getting boobs to get into the practice of wearing a bra. Try to look for fun cute designs to make it even more fun for you, and don't forget to get at least 7 pairs for the week. They don't have to be to fancy, but get something you think is cute and feel comfortable in. This will help especially if you have to change clothes for gym, just for a little confidence, just don't spend to much money on a single bra while you are still growing. Save the Victoria's Secret bras for until you are fully grown. There are plenty of cute, yet cheap bras at stores like Walmart and Target.

It would be impossible to get into everything there is to know about getting breasts into one post, and quite honestly, although I have personal experience I don't know everything. I'm obviously not a doctor so I can't give any medical advice, but if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section, and I'll answer them the best that I can. Also feel free to answer other girls questions, as we are all here to help one another. I will elaborate more on certain things in the future, but it is my hope that this post will help to get someone started. Please feel free to leave your personal experiences here if you wish, it might just help someone else out. :)

Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Glitter Reads: "Beneath The Glitter" by Elle & Blair Fowler

Ever since Elle & Blair Fowler first announced their book, Beneath The Glitter, I really wanted to read it. But when it first came out, I couldn't seem to find it at all in stores. But on a trip to Barnes and Noble yesterday, I finally found it! Honestly, I only put the book down to sleep, and a few times to grab a bite to eat, and finished it in less than two days. It was an amazing book! The chapter names alone were so fun and glitzy. The novel itself was really fun, and certainly exciting. I kinda wanna go back and read it again, because I tend to pick up more things when I reread a book, and this book had so much going on! Plus it was just that good, LOL. 

I really enjoy these glitzy, and glamorous types of stories, and the fact that Elle and Blair wrote this book made it even better. If you are familiar with Elle and Blair Fowler, you will certainly see the similarities between them and the characters Sophia and Ava, and their pets. I was also able to make some personal connections to each of the characters through their personalities and some of the things they've been through. "Beneath The Glitter" very well describes a lot of the dreams that I, and many other girls have when they are little, along with the downsides to fame, and how things can go wrong so fast. But there are ways to make them right again if you really care for them.

This book is really fun, and girly. Very girly, I absolutely love the beauty and fashion references, as well as the modernness of it. This book has it's funny moments, sad moments, happy and exciting moments, as well as some suspense. There are times you never know whats going to happen next. Infact *SPOILER ALERT(?)* not everything is even resolved by the end of the book.

The ending actually leaves you even more questions, and keeps you wondering. I can't wait to continue the story in the sequel, Where Beauty Lies, to find the answers to all my questions! I don't wanna say to much, because I don't wanna spoil the story for anyone who wants to read it, but the ending will certainly leave you wondering. I actually kind of like that the story doesn't all wrap up completely at the end of the book, like in most books I've read, but rather will continue on in the sequel.

Beneath The Glitter  (Official Summary)

After their makeup and fashion videos went viral on YouTube, sisters Sofia and Ava London are thrust into the exclusive life of  the Los Angeles elite. Here fabulous parties, air kisses, paparazzi, and hot guys all come with the scene. Sophia finds herself torn between a gorgeous bartender and a millionaire playboy, and Ava starts dating an A-list actor. But as their about to discover, the life they've always dreamed of comes with a cost. 

Beneath the glitter of the Hollywood social scene lies a world of ruthless ambition, vicious gossip... and betrayal. Someone close to them, someone they trust, is working in the shadows to bring the London sisters falling down. And once the betrayal is complete, Sophia and Ava find themselves knee-deep in a scandal that could take away everything they care about, including the one thing that matters most-- each other. 

If you like girly and glitzy things, I would totally recommend this book. It's super fun, and super girly. I love novels that take place in the modern day, and refer to real world things (iPhones, iPads, ect...). Elle and Blair did a really good job with it, and it was even better then I expected. Great job Elle and Blair!

Beneath The Glitter is not only a good story, but has a strong message. Don't be afraid to take risks. And always support the ones you care for in their adventures, even if you are afraid for them, don't try to hold them back. Be there for them if they fall to help pick them back up. And let them do the same for you, lookout for each other. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Treating A Sunburn

If your going to spend any length of time outside, enjoying a nice day, it's always important to put on that sunscreen to avoid getting a painful sunburn. It's also important to reapply it as directed to ensure that you stay protected the best you can. But let's face it, we're all human and we forget sometimes. Perhaps you forgot to throw it into your beach bag before you left, or it just completely slipped your mind. Or you may have remembered to wear it, but you forgot to reapply it after so may hours in the sun. Oops... But hey, it happens to the best of us once in a while, so don't fret, nobody's perfect, just don't purposely neglect to put on sunscreen. There are ways to treat that sunburn to help it heal a little faster, and feel a bit better. 

The first and most important thing when you have a sunburn is to avoid exposure to the sun as much as you can, you don't want to make the sunburn any worse. If you have to go outside, wear a stronger SPF sunscreen, or wear light, loose fitting clothing that covers the sunburnt area. If your face or neck is sunburnt, wear a cute sunhat when you go out to help protect your face and neck a bit. Try to stay in the shade if you can. However, it's best to stay indoors as much as you can until the sunburn heals, to best protect your skin from further burning.

If you like to take really hot showers like I do, you may want to consider taking a cool or cold shower. I've read somewhere before that cold showers are actually better for your skin than a hot shower, and I think I may actually try it without a sunburn sometime. There have been times that I've stepped out of the shower looking like I had an all over sunburn. Although it would clear up in less than an hour, and wasn't painful, it's still a sign that the water I shower with may be a bit to hot. Certainly water that hot would agitate skin that is already burnt. You'll notice that sunburn is warm to the touch, so it's best to try to cool it down, and I've noticed personally that cool water helps it out a lot. Oh... and don't forget to get a cold glass of water to drink. Water is always super important, especially in the summer, and when you have a sunburn.

It's always important to keep your skin moisturized, especially when you have a sunburn. The sun can really suck moisture out of your skin, and cause the sunburnt area to be extra dry. I like to apply extra lotion over my sunburnt areas to keep them as moisturized as possible, to help avoid peeling. I also like to apply sunburn cooling gel over my sunburn to help cool and ease the sunburn. Avoid any products that can dry out this skin, along with any rough cleansers or exfoliators. You don't want to do anything that can cause any further dryness or pealing. If you do start to peal, don't pick at it or rip it off, as tempting as it is. Trying using a light exfoliant if you wish to wash away some of the dead skin. Again keep it as moisturized as you can. Rough, peeling skin makes sunburn even more painful. If you are pealing or blistering excessively, or if your sunburn is extremely painful you may want to see a doctor. They can prescribe something that will help with the sunburn. 

If your face is sunburnt, it's best to avoid putting on any make-up at all. If anything use a tinted moisturizer with SPF, then maybe some mascara for the eyes. Sunburnt skin needs to be able to breathe, and heavy make-up can choke it. I wouldn't typically wear heavy make-up in the summer anyways, as it doesn't look so nice and can cause pores to clog (leading to breakouts) if you start sweating a lot. And obviously make-up is not usually ideal for swimming since it would just wash off anyways. 

We all know how painful a sunburn can be, and we certainly want to do anything in our power to avoid causing any more pain to it. Some sunburns may even only hurt when they are agitated in some way. One thing I like to do to avoid agitating my sunburn is to wear loose fitting clothing, as it allows for it to breathe and doesn't choke it up. It also doesn't rub up against it as much. Also be extra gentle when washing your skin, or applying lotion, and don't scrub or rub so hard. This is great practice for everyday skin care as well. While this may be harder to avoid for some, don't allow anyone to slap at your sunburn. Some people find it to be a funny joke to slap someones sunburn, but when it happens to you, it's certainly not funny! If you have a friend that does this as a joke, tell them calmly but firmly that you would really prefer that they didn't do that. Tell them that it hurts you, and ask them if they would want someone to do that to them. If you show that you are serious, they should back off.

I know that there are several other ways that you can help to treat a sunburn, and I would to hear how you guys treat sunburn when you get it. Keep in mind that these are all at home remedies, and any tips suggested in this blog won't replace any medical advice. If your sunburn is really serious, or doesn't start to get better within 2 weeks, then you may want to see a doctor. And always remember, it's best to prevent yourself from getting a sunburn in the first place and wear sunscreen when you'll be spending time outside. Always keep some in your beach bag, and even in your purse in the summer. It's always better safe then sorry. But hey, things happen sometimes. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Product Review: Claire's Cosmetics Electric Neon Nail Polishes

I've never been afraid to use bright fun colors in my eye make-up. Honestly, I'm not at all afraid to go for the pinks, greens, blues, purples, and even oranges. I love to play with color in my make-up, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to use fun colors on my nails. Up until then my nail polishes were mostly just pinks and reds, with a few other colors and some glitter polishes thrown into the mix. When I'm shopping for nail polish, I typically look at the pretty pink colors, rather than looking at the other fun colors. I also have an issue with the fact that I want to try to do nail art so badly but I lack many of the tools to do it. I tend to buy more and more eye shadow, rather than buying nail products or even other make-up products. So on a recent trip to Claire's I decided to pick up one of their nail polish sets, Electric Neon, for $10.00. This set, as well as many other Claire's nail polish sets, comes with 5 colors; green, yellow, blue, pink, and purple, all in electric neon shades (I have seen some sets come with orange rather than yellow).

My only real complaint about this product is that you have to put it on kinda of thick for it to become opaque. Though I typically experience this a lot with nail polish, as I don't typically get the higher end polishes. However, for the price I paid for it, I do like the results I got out of it. The colors are really bright and fun, and i have some ideas of different looks I can make from them. I also like that the colors dry matte rather than shiny like most nail polishes I have. They also dry rather quickly on their own, even when applied kind of thick, which is nice for me seeings how I'm really impatient with waiting for my nails to dry. 

These are certainly some really fun colors, and I could see myself using them in several different nail art looks. These are also really fun colors for summer. I also like how you can simply create a look making each nail a different color with each of the five colors! If I had to choose one color as my favorite from this set, I would pick the purple. I absolutely love the shade! My least favorite would probably be the blue as it's harder to apply evenly, but it's still a pretty color. I can't wait to use these fun colors throughout the summer!

For this being a $10.00 set of five polishes, they are certainly nice. Of course they aren't going to be the quality of an OPI or Essie polish, but they are great for the price. I love the fact that Claire's has some decent quality cosmetics for a really decent price. If you are just beginning to get into make-up or nail art, and want to get some nice products, I would recommend picking up something from Claire's, as you can get a lot of colors for a small price. This is also great if you are like me, and you're iffy about spending $7.00 or more on one nail color. It's not top quality, but it certainly works.

Have you ever tried any of the nail polish sets from Claire's cosmetics? What do you think of them?

*FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money, I did not get this product for free. I am not being paid for this review. All opinions are 100% honest,and are my own.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

Nothing can spoil a nice sunny day quite like a nasty sunburn, and believe me, I've had some nasty sunburns in my life. Some that even lead to pealing, although there haven't been any nearly as the sunburn I got when I was 11-years-old back in summer 2005, yikes! My face, neck, and shoulders were all pealing off dry skin. The sunburn alone was painful enough, then adding in extremely dry skin. It didn't help that I had been swimming in a pool that had way to many chemicals (the water was  legit white) in it, so I had chemical burns in my benders as well. Luckily it all cleared up before I began 6th grade,  but it was certainly not a good experience. Had my 11-year-old self had thought to put on sunscreen before spending all that time outside, and chosen not to get in the pool, I would have been a lot more comfortable. I've had more sunburns after that, none nearly that bad, but they weren't fun. And just about every sunburn I had, I got because I neglected to put on sunscreen. 

Learn from my mistakes, don't forget to put on sunscreen! Sunburn is certainly not very attractive, especially if you start pealing, and it's also painful. Not only that but it can lead to even worse skin problems down the road, including skin cancer. Taking a couple extra minutes to apply sunscreen, and reapply as needed, before getting in the pool or doing whatever you're doing outside will certainly benefit you in the long, and short run. Also call me weird, but I love the smell of sunscreen! So theres another minor benefit right there, LOL. A couple minutes is certainly worth saving your skin from premature aging, skin cancer, and other potential problems, along with the discomfort of the sunburn in the short term.

If you are going to spend any length of time outside, especially in the summer, then you need to wear sunscreen. Whether you are swimming, at an amusement park, playing a sport, or even just chilling outside, you should always have sunscreen with you. Even if it's a little chilly you should still wear sunscreen. I recently found out the hard way that, yes, you can get a sunburn, even if it's cold if you forget the SPF. Temperature has very little effect on UV rays. You could be getting a sunburn, even if you are shivering. 

I would at least go for a sunscreen of SPF 15. If you want to get a tan, you can still get one, but you are still protecting your skin. However, if you burn really easily, I would recommend bumping up the SPF to 30 or higher to protect your skin. You'll also want to make sure your sunscreen is waterproof before you jump in the pool or do any activity where you'll get wet. It would be pointless to put on sunscreen that isn't water proof, just to jump in the pool and have it all come off. Also check how long you can wear your sunscreen before you have to reapply it to keep your skin protected, and when in doubt, reapply. 

If you do happen to forget your sunscreen, there are a few things you can do to help ease a sunburn. But prevention certainly is key. Even if you don't burn easily, you should always protect your skin anyways. While you are outside, you should also protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that block out the UV rays. For added protection you can also consider wearing a cute sunhat to help protect your face, or try to find make-up with SPF in it. Every little bit helps when it comes to protecting your skin. You'll have to live in your skin your whole life, so protect it and take care of it the best you can. 

What is your favorite sunscreen? 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What To Carry In A Beach Bag

One of my favorite things to do during the summertime is to go to the pool or beach. I absolutely love the water, and relaxing by the pool. It doesn't cost a whole lot of money, or no money at all, to go enjoy a day a the beach, or to take a dip in the pool. It's something you can make a daily activity out of, weather permitting, as long as you have access to a pool or beach. But before you head out the door to go relax by the water, don't forget to pack your beach bag with at least the essentials. You can always give or take a few items based on your own needs, and what you like to do while your at the pool or beach. 

The Essentials
These are the things that I feel that you just can't go to the pool or beach without.

-Sunscreen, whether you are going to swim or just relax in the sun. If you are going to spend any amount of time outside, you should always wear sunscreen, even if it's a bit chilly. Get a water proof sunscreen so that it won't wash away in the pool, or sweat off. A sunburn is never fun, it's painful and is certainly not attractive. The potential consequences of getting a bad sunburn are not fun either, whether it be premature aging, or even skin cancer. Prevention is key, so don't forget to pack a waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or higher. 

-Bathing Suit, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bikini, but something you feel confident in. You obviously need something cute to take a dip in the water in! Some community pools may require you to have proper swim attire before you get in the water. Even if you don't really feel like going swimming, you can still lounge on the beach or by the pool and get a nice tan (just don't forget that SPF 15!). Plus you never know, you may decide to take a quick dip in the pool. You can choose to wear your bathing suit under your clothes as you head out, but if you do don't forget to bring a change of under garments in your bag. You'll also want to bring a plastic bag to put your wet things in. You can also consider bringing a bikini cover up if you don't want to walk around or lay around in just your bathing suit all day.

-Sunglasses, like you would protect your skin from the sun, you should also protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. If you wear glasses, consider getting transitions lenses, as they change automatically when you step outside.

-Towel, of course if you take a dip in the pool you'll want something to dry off with. Or to wrap up in if you feel chilly when you get out of the water. It also makes a great thing to lay on or throw over your lounge chair to just relax.

-Flip-flops, because sand, wood, and concrete can get really hot and aren't comfortable to walk barefoot on. Plus theres always the chance you could step on a pebble or even broken glass, ouch! Wear flip-flops to protect the bottoms of your feet and walk around more comfortably when you aren't swimming. It's best to bring rubber flip-flops, as they won't get ruined as easily, and you don't have to worry as much about them getting wet. They don't have to be really fancy, you can find some cute flip-flops for only a couple dollars at the dollar store. Just something to protect your feet.

-Hair ties and hair brush, when you are going swimming, it's best to put your hair up before you get in the water. I find that when I leave my hair loose, not only does it get really messy, but it's also really annoying. It keeps getting and my face and it just goes everywhere. If you have shorter hair, you don't have to worry as much about it. But if you have longer hair like I do, then it's best to tie it up. Have a brush with you to gently brush it out after swimming. Braiding your hair will make it less likely to tangle, and will make it easier to brush out. 

-Small amount of cash, some beaches and pools have a small amount of money you need to pay to get in. So bring at least five dollars for that. You may also want to have some money to buy something to drink, and have some loose change if you need to lock something up in a locker. 

-Water bottle or sports drink, especially on those hot days, you'll want to stay hydrated. Water is best for you on those really hot days rather than drinks high in sugar such as soda. Sports drinks can also help to keep you hydrated if you prefer something other then water. But don't forget that it's important to drink water too. Don't go without something to drink. You wouldn't want to get sick from being dehydrated. You may be able to buy water or other drinks at the pool, but it would save you money to bring your own.

-Cellphone, I have a hard time deciding whether this is essential or just an extra thing to bring. If you decide to go swimming, you obviously won't be using it while your swimming, LOL! But it would certainly be nice to browse the web, listen to music, or play some games while your relaxing. Usually you wouldn't need your phone when your going out to the pool, unless you need to call for a ride or you know you'll need to call someone. However, it's best to have it in case of an emergency. If you know you won't be using it much, it's best to keep it locked in a locker, just to be safe with it. 

Other Things
These are things that you don't really need to brings, but you can depending on how long you plan to stay, or just what you want to do.

-Something to read, there is certainly nothing wrong with going to the beach just to relax and read a good book! 

-Healthy snacks, if you get a little hungry you'll have something good to snack on. Try go go for healthier snacks rather then snacks that are high in salt or sugar, as these snacks could cause you to dehydrate faster in the heat. You can even consider bringing a healthy lunch in a little cooler so that you don't have to leave for lunch. 

-Make-up, unless you have waterproof make-up, make-up generally won't do so well in the pool. I don't even wear make-up when I go swimming. But if you have somewhere to go afterwards, it would be nice to have some simple make-up products with you to freshen up. You may also want to consider bringing along perfume and deodorant, just to stay smelling fresh. 

These are the things that I would typically bring along with me for a day at the beach or pool. Aside form wearing some loose fitting summer clothes on the way there and having them to change back into. Please let me know if I left anything out, and tell me what you would bring along with you. I love to get new suggestions and ideas. :)