Tuesday, July 16, 2013

R.I.P Talia Castellano

I just got the sad, sad word, that Talia Castellano, passed away this morning, at 11:22 a.m. Talia was, and always will be, truly an inspiration to many through her courage, strength, and positive attitude. Even with everything that she was going through with her cancer, Talia always wore a smile. She didn't let her cancer bring her down. She enjoyed spending time with her friends, and living life to the fullest. I am very much saddened to see such a strong, beautiful, sweet, inspirational, amazing, young girl go, but at the same time I know that she is now out of pain and in a better place. I know that, from reading the updates on her official Facebook that the last few weeks especially have not at all been easy for her, and that she had been in constant pain. She had been battling cancer since early 2007, going into remission in 2008, to have it come back stronger in 2010. Talia fought a long battle, and her strength has inspired many. 

I often complain about my life, and I find it hard to get over the stupid little things that happen. But I have to kick myself when I think of Talia. She enjoyed every day or her life to the fullest, and always wore a smile, even with her cancer, and knowing the reality of her situation. She wasn't sad about the fact that she knew death could be a reality, instead she enjoyed the rest of her days and kept fighting, and kept smiling. She could truly brighten anyone's day with her smile, and her positive attitude on life, and her situation. She took it all in stride, even her adorable bald head. "Make-up IS my wig." As she would say, as she proudly walked around with her bald head. Talia was so pretty, that didn't need a wig. And honestly, she didn't need make-up either, but it made her so happy and she was a terrific make-up artist!

If you haven't already, you should check out Taliajoy18's YouTube channel. Not only is she just simply adorable and can really light up ones day, but she is also a great make-up artist. I wish that I was that amazing at make-up, and she was only 13. Actually she was even younger when she started with make-up! Her YouTube channel brought her so much joy, and also brought joy to many others all over the world. It allowed Talia to share what she loved and her journey with the world. And so much good came back to her. The support from her loving fans, and all of the amazing opportunities that she truly deserved. 

In my opinion, although Talia lost her fight with cancer, she did not lose the war. She fought and fought, and inspired, until the very end. She showed the world that, no matter what your situation, there is always a reason to be happy. She inspired people who may be battling cancer, or even other types of hardship, that you can always find some light in the darkness. She kept her sprits high, which helped to keep her family and friends' spirits high. Talia's passing should not be seen as a defeat, as she still inspired and made a positive impact on so many people. Try to think of Talia's passing as more of a way of setting her free. Free from all of the pain she's been in, and all of the hardships she has faced so strongly. She is free from suffering now. I like to think that Talia is living out her dreams of being a make-up artist in the clouds. 

No matter what your beliefs, please send Talia, her family, and her friends your kind thoughts and prayers as they go through through this hard time. Let us all believe that Talia is happy wherever she is, and wish her and her family the best and give them the support they need in this time. We will always remember Talia, and the joy that she brought to everyone that knew her or watched her videos. 

Rest In Peace, Talia Castellano. 


  1. This is truly sad. I first saw her on Ellen a while back and was so touched by her sweet personality! She will be missed


    1. She most certainly will. Talia was a truly sweet, amazing girl, with an incredible talent. I'm going to miss her so much.