Friday, July 26, 2013

You Are Talented

Whether you believe it or not, you are talented. Everyone is talented in some way, but whether they choose to actually use those skills, or even recognize them as a talent, is up to them. We all have a skill at something, whether it be an athletic, creative, performing, academic, social, or any other skill. Being good at a certain video game or even having great organizational skills can be considered a talent or skill. We may not all have the crazy amazing skills that people that go on shows such as America's Got Talent or other talent related shows on TV, but we all have something we are good at, and we should most certainly be proud of these skills and use them the best we can. Some talents can really benefit ourselves and others in some way. We may even be able to use these skills to land a job or make money. Some skills may be purely for leisure, but that certainly doesn't make them not important, or that they couldn't be productive!

Think about it; think of something that you typically do better in than your friends or family, or something that they don't do at all. Perhaps you do really well with art, and you are really good at drawing or painting. Maybe you do very well in a sport and the team knows that you could lead them to victory. Maybe you do better in a certain subject in school than most of your classmates, and maybe they come to you for help with that class, or with staying organized. You might be a great writer, and you are great with poetry or story telling. Perhaps you find that you get many compliments on you're hair, outfit, or make-up and your good with style. You might even be great with people, public speaking, or with giving advice. You might even be good at signing, acting, or playing a musical instrument. Maybe you have great strategy when playing video games, and your good at finding hidden things within the game. Whatever it may be, when you think of it, you most likely do better in something than most people around you.

I personally find that most my skills are creative type of skills such as writing, story telling, drawing, and even graphic art. I also find that I am pretty good with public speaking, and even a bit of acting. I also found that through playing The Sims 3 that I am good with interior design and creating nice looking homes and rooms. I'm also really good with style related things and putting looks together, and even making cheap products work sometimes. But for the longest time I didn't see these as being all that special, or even as talents or skills. I just saw them as things that I did naturally and liked to do. Just because they weren't a skill I could take on a show like America's Got Talent or even into the school talent show. Nor could I be the star of a high school sports team, I probably couldn't even make the team with my poor athletic skills. LOL! However, over time I found that while there will always be people that are better than me at sports, singing, or stand up comedy, that I have a skill that not everyone has. Sure there will always be people who are even better at what I do than me, but rather then comparing myself to them, it should give me something to strive for.

Whatever your skill is, or what your good at, I suggest trying to find a way to put your talents to good use. Whether it be in a way to benefit others, or to benefit yourself through making money or pure enjoyment. If you are good at art, use your art skills as much as you can and use it as a way to express yourself, and even decorate your room with your own artwork. You could even sell your work if you wish and make a little extra cash, or enter it in an art show, but that is completely optional. If you like art I may also suggest taking an art class. If your school has any classes or activities that relate to your skills or interests, I would suggest signing up for them so that you could use your skills in new ways, and meet people who have the same interests. This is a great way to make potential new friends, while working on your special skills. Or if you prefer, you can choose to these things just for yourself and take it up as a hobby and a pass time. As long as you are using your skills in a way that doesn't harm yourself or others, then go for it! If you enjoy doing something, you may even want to consider going to school for it and trying to make it into a career. 

The internet is a great place to put your talents and skills to use. If you like to write, you could start a blog and post anything you wish whether it be a beauty and lifestyle blog like mine, your take on news stories, or even your own fictional stories or poetry. Blogs are a great, free way, of publishing your work. You can also use blogs to show off your artwork or photography! YouTube is also a great way of sharing your talents, skills, and creativity with the world. Make tutorials on something you like to do whether it be beauty, DIY's, computer stuff, or anything you like. If you are a gamer you could make Let's Plays and show people new ways to play the game. If you're into science you could post videos of your experiments. If you like to sing you could post singing videos. If you like to create story lines or act, you could act on skits and put them on YouTube. You never know how far posting something online could take you. And even if you don't make it big time, your blogs or videos may just help someone out, inspire others, or really make someone's day. Plus it gives you a way to express yourself!

NEVER let ANYONE tell you that your talents are talents, or that your skills aren't important. If it makes you happy, and it's important to you, that's all that should matter. I personally have been told by some members of my family, that writing and blogging aren't important or that it's not an important skill. They feel that if I'm not making money off of it, it's not certified by a degree, or something like what you can find on the talent shows on TV, that it's not important or relevant. That is most certainly not true, but it can be a major let down when people don't support you. There will also always be people who will try to bring you down in any way by trying to tell you that you aren't good at what you do, or that anyone could do that. I find that a lot of times that hate comments come from jealousy. Or people who say that what you do is really easy or irrelevant typically don't do it themselves, so who are they to judge on it? If it's important to you, and you believe in yourself, than that's all that matters. If it makes you happy, go for it!

Believe in yourself. Never let anyone tell you are anything less then what you are, or that you aren't capable of the best. If you are dedicated to something, and you have passion, you will find joy in what you are doing. Just whatever you do.. never let a great skill that you have go to waste. 

What are you talented at? 

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