Monday, April 29, 2013

Glitter Diaries: An Epic Weekend..

Before I start the post I'd like to say... My oh my it's been a while.  I haven't posted a whole lot this month, and I haven't made a post for two weeks. I have gotten a little busy, and a bit lazy over the last two weeks. Sorry about that everyone. :( I am back now, and I will be back on my two or more posts a week schedule soon. You can also check out my tumblr and my twitter for more constant updates. Okay Now on to my epic weekend! 

OH MY GOSH! This past weekend has been AMAZING! Just absolutely everything was perfect! I got to talk to my dad who I haven't seen in months, I went to prom, has a great time at post prom, found my 5 year old self, and I got an iPhone 5! This has probably been the best weekend I've had in a long time, if not ever! This may also be the first time I've ever had two exciting days in a row, LOL.

I woke up a little earlier then I would on a normal Saturday to start getting myself ready. I did everything myself; hair, nails, and make-up. I would say everything turned out nicely, although I did get glitter everywhere when I did my nails. As I was finishing up, about two hours before prom, out of the blue, my dad comes over to my house. It was nice to get back in touch with my dad after not talking to him since August. There were a few reasons why he'd been away, one being no real way to communicate because I didn't have a phone. Yes, I was one of the few people without a phone for several long months. It's harder then it sounds, LOL! But that leads us to the next exciting part, my dad decided to get me an iPhone 5. I absolutely love it! He originally planned on me to get it Saturday,  but we decided to go Sunday instead because there wouldn't have been enough time between getting to the Sprint store, and getting back here to get to prom. 

With having a new phone, I'll be able to update on tumblr and twitter more often. I'll also soon be joining a few other social networking sites. 

After setting up a time for my dad to come pick me up Sunday, he took off so I could finish getting dressed for prom. Before anyone asks... no I didn't have a date. I just danced with a few friends and had a great time, it was am amazing night. We first arrived at the high school for promenade, and the school, and everyone there, looked absolutely fantastic. I loved walking on a little red carpet to get inside, LOL! After that we took off for our prom venue. We ate dinner, and oh my gosh I ate so much yummy food between prom and post-prom, then after dinner came the dance. The music wasn't exactly  my favorite, but I wasn't expecting them to play Blood On The Dance Floor or Black Veil Brides, LOL! I still had fun and danced my ba-donkey-donk off. My legs are still really sore, hahaha. You really don't need a date to have at prom, just go with some friends and have fun. :)

After prom came post-prom, and let's be honest. While I had a great time at prom, I think I had more fun at post prom, LOL. We went to Acres Of Fun, and they have a pretty good amount of things to do. They have arcade games, laser tag, go carts, roller skating, and.. THE BALL PITS! I am a 5 year old stuck in a 19 year old body, so I just had to play on the playground and dive into the ball pit. I think the ball pit may have even been my favorite part of the night. I felt like I was 5 years old again! I didn't spend the whole night in the ball pit (but a lot of it, LOL!). I also played a few games, and ate a lot of yummy food. I  loved how they had all that good food for free, for us to grab at will. There were also prizes for us to win in a raffle. I didn't want to go back home!

Because I'm so easily amused, by everything, and anything. I even kinda enjoyed the bus ride. And as we were getting on the bus to leave for post-prom, ALL of the lights around us went out for a few seconds, it was a little freaky, LOL! One minute I was talking to the people around me, then we look outside and it's pitch black out. All of the lights in the parking lot, the lights of the old high school, and the lights of the new  high school went out. Just a random part of my night, LOL. 

With everything, I had a great time. The weather was amazing on Saturday, and although it rained on Sunday as I was getting my iPhone, it was still a great day. This school year is coming to an end really quickly. All that's left is the choir trip to Cedar Point, and graduation then I'm done with high school forever. This has been such a great year, and the last month of school it going to go by fast now. :) 

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