Monday, April 8, 2013

Product Review: Hard Candy Lash Tinsel Glitter Mascara

Ever since I got into make-up back in middle school, I've always wished that my mascara had a little bit of glitter in it. I've always thought it would be so pretty to have some sparkle to my lashes, but I never thought I'd find a mascara that had sparkle to it. But one day when I was walking through the make-up section of Walmart, I saw the Hard Candy Lash Tinsel Glitter Mascaras, and I knew I had to try them! There were so many colors; pink, blue, silver, black, and so many more pretty colors. I currently only have silver and black, as these are the most universal colors, but I plan to get more colors soon. 
I'm going to be honest, the first couple times I applied this glitter mascara, I didn't like it very much. It felt really sticky, and the silver one seemed to clump up on my lashes. I didn't completely hate the way it looked, I loved the fact that i had on glitter mascara, and it didn't look too terrible. It was mostly the way it felt on my lashes, especially right after putting it on. My lashes felt like they were sticking every time I blinked. But then it occurred to me, perhaps it was the way I was putting it on, and it was. I was putting it on over my regular mascara, the same way I put on regular mascara. Working from the base of my eyelashes and working to the ends. I was applying too much of it, this product isn't meant to be brought from the base of the lash to the ends. I found that when i started closer to the middles or ends of my lashes and only applied one light swipe to the ends of my lashes, it didn't feel sticky and looked much nicer. I absolutely loved the little bit of sparkle it gives my lashes when applied correctly. 

I've always thought glitter was so much fun to use in make-up, and it's amazing to have glitter product to use on my lashes. I can't wait to get some more fun colors and make my colorful looks even more colorful! If you aren't very into using colorful or bold looks, or think that having silver or pink glitter on your eyelashes would be to much, I recommend getting the black glitter, since it will blend with your lashes and won't pop out as much. The black just adds a subtle amount of sparkle to give your lashes an extra pop, so if you only plan on picking up one color, I would highly recommend black (aka Spellbound). 

These mascaras cost about $6.00 each, which might sound like much to some, but when you think of the price of other drugstore mascaras being over $7.00 sometimes, I feel that it's worth it. I use my glitter mascaras often because they match my personality and personal style very well. I know many people wouldn't typically use a glitter mascara in their everyday make-up, but it would be great for prom, homecoming, and other special events. If you are into this kind of thing like I am, it would be worth it to pick up a few different colors. If not, I would still recommend just getting the black to start with for when you want to add a little pop to your look. :)

Have you tried the Hard Candy Lash Tinsel Glitter Mascaras? What do you think of them?

*FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money, I did not this this product for free. I am not being paid for this review. All opinions are 100% honest,and are my own.

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