Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ugh... Those last few weeks

The school year has gone really fast for me up to this point. A semester and half of this semester have passed within a blink of an eye. But as we get into the last quarter of the year, it seems that time is starting to slow down. Summer, and for me graduation, is less than two months away. Each day it gets harder and harder to wake up and find any motivation. All I can think about is summer, and what comes next. Sure I still the moments when I think, I'm going to miss this place, but when when the alarm goes off or when a teacher makes me write (God forbid I have to use a pencil or write something that isn't a blog post! LOL) senioritis kicks in big time, and all I want is for summer to come. But we all know that you don't have to be a senior to feel the same way. No matter what grade you are in, this time of year it gets increasingly difficult to find any motivation to do anything school related. But slacking off in the last few weeks can have it's consequences later on. 

I don't any of the classes I'm taking this semester to graduate, and being a senior I have no exams to worry about. I could easily slack off this semester if I wanted to without any consequences from the school, but I want to keep my GPA up, and I don't want my last report card to have D's and F's. But while I can easily get away with not doing anything this semester, others may need the classes they are taking to graduate and they can't fail them, or they might have to take senior exams. And if you aren't a senior, more than likely you need all of your current classes to go towards graduation, and you will need to take exams at the end of the year. You'll need to keep working hard in your classes, especially if you haven't done well the last 3 quarters, so that you can pass the class and not have to retake it. Your grades in the last quarter can also determine whether you're eligible to play sports in the fall. And staying out of trouble with your parents because of your grades is also a plus, no one wants to spend the summer grounded because they got a D or F on their report card.

Stick to the routines you've had for the rest of the year, and keep up the study habits you've had from the start. Offer yourself small rewards for staying on task. For example, for every week where you turn in all of your work on time, buy yourself an extra treat in the cafeteria on Friday. Or if you get an A (or a B depending on how hard that class is for you), on all of your tests that week you can treat yourself to dinner at Chipotle, or any place you like. You could even give yourself a small reward such as a glass of chocolate milk for getting your homework done every night. Don't go too overboard on the rewards, save the bigger things for the end of the year. Perhaps earning an A or B during the last quarter could be rewarded with a shopping spree, or even just buying that one thing you've had your eye on for a while. 

As the weather gets nicer, I know that nobody wants to stay inside and do homework all day. You should still try to get your homework done right after school so you don't have to do it later at night, but you can still spend time outside. I like to have some time to relax a bit before I do my homework, so this would be a great time period to spend outside getting some fresh air. You could also take some short breaks from your homework to have a glass of water and sit outside for a bit. You could even try doing your homework outside as long as it won't become a distraction. Just don't let the wind take your homework away, LOL, keep a heavy book over loose papers. Take your time to get the answers right, and study the material. But remember, the faster you get done, the more time you'll have to enjoy the nice weather. 

Staying on top of your studies this time of year can seem like a total drag, but offering yourself tiny rewards can help out a bit. Try also to enjoy the fun parts of school, such as seeing all of your friends and your favorite lunches. Take advantage of special events planned by the school such as dances, game nights, and spring sporting events. For those of you who are upper-classman, prom is right around the corner. Enjoy the time you have left in school, especially if you are a senior. You'll never get these times back once you graduate. But even if you are only a freshman, or even in middle school, enjoy these years. They fly by much faster than you think. High school is only 4 years of your life, you'll have the rest of your life to go on with your future plans. Once these years are gone, they're gone. So stay positive, stay on top of things, make good choices, and enjoy yourself. You only get this experience once in your life, so make the most of it, and as they say, YOLO!

How do you get yourself through the last part of the school year? Is is hard for you, or is it just the same? Do you enjoy the end of the school year more as the weather warms up?

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