Saturday, March 2, 2013

Prom Series: Shopping For THE Dress

Without a doubt, the dress you wear to prom is the most important part of your outfit, everything else just helps to pull the look together. With so many choices on prom dresses out there, it can be really hard to choose the perfect one! Do you want a long or short dress? Puffy or more slender? What color do you want? There are so many choices! So many pretty dresses to consider, so many places to shop. You may also have a budget to consider when choosing your prom dress. So where do you start?!

Before you begin shopping, you should set a budget to avoid over paying for your dress. You don't need to break the bank to find the perfect dress. Set it high enough that you can find a nice dress, but low enough that you'll be able to afford it. Do keep in mind that most likely you'll only wear this dress one time, unless you have another formal event to go to and decide to wear the same dress again. So as a good rule of thumb, I would say a budget of $200-300 would be good for a prom dress, but this all depends on your preferences and what you can afford. 

After you set a budget it's time to start shopping! Always feel free to check out a variety of stores. Different stores offer different dresses, so if you can't find the perfect dress at one store, don't just settle for any dress, check out another store! My personal favorite store when it comes to dress shopping is Deb, they have so many pretty dresses for less then $200, and they also carry a great range of dress sizes. If you have a Deb shop near you check it out! Feel free to check out both large department stores as well as smaller specialty shops. With smaller specialty shops you also have less risk of someone else purchasing the same dress. Checking out a variety of stores allows you to see many different options, and allows you to price compare.

When it comes to looking for the dress, have an idea of what you want, but keep your options and your mind open. If you see a dress that interests you at all, try it on. Even if it's not what you originally planned on getting, it may turn out to be the perfect dress! Please, try on more then one dress, even if you LOVE the first one you try on, another one may be even better. You may even want to consider trying on the same dress in a different color, sometimes color can make a huge difference! Try things you may not have considered before. You may have always thought your dream prom dress was a long puffy dress, but maybe your perfect dress is a slim shorter dress. You never know until you try! :) 

Remember, dress shopping should be FUN and not at all stressful, and you certainly shouldn't do it all on your own. Go dress shopping with a group of friends or female family members, they can help you out a lot! They can give comments and judge on how the dress looks on you. Plus you can help out your friends, and have some laughs while your at it. Try on something ridiculous just for fun and to see how they react. Make dress shopping a big day of fun. Go out for lunch, check out different stores, and have some great conversation. Make it a day to remember!

What are some of your tips when it comes to shopping for a prom dress? Did you already buy your dress? What is your favorite store for dress shopping? I would love to see some of your suggestions in the comments section! :) 

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