Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get Organized For Spring

Let's face it, we could all do something to get a little, or a lot more organized. Whether it be for school, or cleaning up your room. I'm someone that could use a lot of reorganization in both, LOL. It's a proven fact that more organization makes your like easier and more efficient as you don't need to scramble to find things when everything has a place, and everything is in it's place. However, it can be really easy to get unorganized, even to the point where everything becomes a mixed up, jumbled up mess, and mess often equals stress. And with spring break coming up shortly, I wanna try my best to eliminate this stress now rather then dealing with it over spring break. 

So let's start with what I see as the big thing, cleaning up your room. The room where, if you are anything like me, we spend most of our time. Our room should be a serene little get away from stress, a place to relax. It should also be a place where you can find everything you need, and run through things smoothly. These things are nearly impossible when you need to dig through jumbled up piles of stuff and mixed up bins to find something, just to find it isn't where you thought it was. And it's certainly not relaxing to look at piles of clothes on the floor, and a mixed up pile of jewelry and make-up, and in extreme cases not even being able to walk. Surely it's not always that extreme, and maybe you just have a couple of things out of order. Or maybe your current system of organization isn't doing you as well as it could. There's always at least a little something you could do. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to cleaning your room is to take baby steps, especially if your room is a total disaster, and only work on one area at a time. What I like to do is to have a large area (such as my bed) to organize everything into categories on. Whatever you choose to organize with is up to you. I'll clear all of the pillows and blankets off my bed so I have a nice surface to work with, then I'll start working on my room one area at a time. If you have a messy floor, I'd suggest cleaning this up first so that you have more room to walk around as you work on everything else. Start in a corner and work your way across the room, putting things into their category as you go.

After you have your floor cleaned up you can then begin working on clearing up and organizing the things on the shelves into categories. I would clear everything off completely, so that you can dust the surface off. Dust can make it really hard to feel comfortable in a room, especially if you have any allergies or other breathing problems such a asthma. I like to dust each surface off as I work, and then take the items that I want from each catagory and place it back on that surface so I can get it where I want it quicker, you can place them and organize them further later on after you have all of your shelves cleaned off. As I work I like to place items I had misplaced in other parts on the room in the area where they belong, rather than in a pile. Once you have everything cleaned off and categorised into the right part of the room, you can start setting things up and "fine tuning" a bit. And don't forget to do any laundry you may have and wash your bedding just to freshen things up a bit. :)

I actually find the fine tuning and organizing part of cleaning to be rather enjoyable. I love to arrange things in an appealing way on my shelves. Arrange things in a way that looks good, and works best for you. Keep things that you use often within easy reach. It wouldn't make sense to put your favorite mascara at the bottom of your make-up drawer, or to put your daily essentials on a hard to reach shelf. I personally like to keep all of these things up front or in an easy to reach basket. I like to keep all of the beauty products and make-up brushes I use often in a little basket so that I can easily bring them to the bathroom with me in the morning, and not have to pull the products out of my drawers and put them back everyday. As for the rest of my make-up I like to organize it by type, and by area of the face it goes. I also kind of organize by packaging. There are so many ways to organize make-up whether it be by type, packaging, brand, color, or even frequency of use. Whatever helps you out and keeps you organize, or whatever you want to try, go for it.

As you work through reorganizing your room, you may want to grab your school things and straighten them up a bit as well. You can also do this in a study hall when you have nothing else to do. Reorganize things to the way you had them at the beginning of the year. I recently got a bit careless and started cramming papers wherever i could. My pshycology book has become my folder for every class, and it's really hard to find the papers I need. Surely I may not need to look over any old papers for final exams (seniors in my school don't take finals), but it's always good to stay in practice for college, and to just be able to find the right papers to study for a chapter test, or the homework I need to turn in. You may also want to use some pretty colored duck tape to tape up any damaged folders or binders to help them last until the end of the year without getting shabbier. Remember, there is still at least a quarter left of school, and you still want to get the best grades possible.

After you are all organized and you have everything how you want it, think of how nice it feels to be organized. Knowing you can find everything you need when you need it. Sitting in a fresh clean, organized room feels so much better then sitting in an unorganized mess. And always keep at your organization methods. It doesn't take much time to place things where they belong. Avoid throwing something something in the wrong spot and saying you'll take care of it later. One careless throwing of something in the wrong spot can lead to another careless placement, gradually building back into a mess. And if you start getting frustrated or stressed out when your cleaning, remember, it's okay to take breaks. Get some fresh air, grab a quick snack, or even watch a little TV. Just get back to work as soon as you clear your mind a little bit. Don't feel like you need to rush, take your time and take baby steps.

Are you always organized, or do you tend to get a huge mess sometimes? How do you like to stay organized? How do you like going about your spring cleaning? 

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