Monday, March 18, 2013

No Plans For Spring Break?

Over the last couple weeks, it seems like all I've heard people talking about were their big plans for spring break. So many people are going on a big vacation, going out of state, and doing awesome fun thing. But me? I'm stuck in my tiny home town for spring break, as I have always been. Surely it's not the most exciting thing in the world, but then again it doesn't have to be the worst thing in the world either. I mean it is a full week without the stresses of school! Surely a week of doing nothing is better than waking up early and sitting in class, LOL! I'll most likely use my spring break to catch up on my blog posts, and play The Sims 3: University Life, and maybe go for a walk, weather permitting. And of course there's always going to be something within a couple of miles to do outside the house. 

If you don't want to spend your whole spring break cooped up in your room behind your computer, and you should try to get outside at least once or twice during spring break if the weather stays nice, you can always go for a little walk or jog around the neighborhood. Perhaps you can even walk to a local park, bring some friends and chat and have a picnic, or maybe even get active and shoot some hoops or play some soccer. If your friends are away on vacation, you can always go alone and bring a good book to read while getting some fresh air. If you aren't up for going for a walk, or don't live in an area with many sidewalks, you can enjoy the fresh air by simply stepping into the backyard. Get a nice cold drink, yummy snack, a good book, and get out a lawn chair. You can even sit outside and browse the web from your phone, or laptop if your WiFi reaches outside. Just get outside, don't stay indoors the whole time. :)

If you have a little cash, and a way to get there, go do something fun in the nearby area. Even if it's an everyday typical kind of activity, it's always more fun then sitting at home. Grab a bite to eat, or even go to the mall and look around. Maybe even check out a local shop you never thought to check go to, you never know what you might find! Grab some friends and go see that movie you've been wanting to see. Go to your favorite restaurant   or even try out a new one. If you have any beaches nearby, go spend some time there, or you could spend time at your local recreation center. Many recreation centers have many swimming pools, gyms, and workout equipment to keep you entertained and active for a while for a low price. It may not be a trip to Disney World or to the Bahamas, but it's still something fun to do.

Here's My Spring Break Right  Here :P
If you don't really have any money, or a car to get to the mall or anywhere else, or if you aren't much of an outdoors person... or if the weather stinks (and judging by this week, I'm a bit nervous for next week, as I was writing this my school called a two-hour delay, LOL!), there's always some things you can do indoors. I'm personally a gamer, and I love to spend my days off playing The Sims 3, with all of my expansion packs. If you have a Wii or Xbox, there are a ton of games you can play to get active as well. Just Dance is a fun and amazing way to get some exercise. It's fun to play alone or with friends! I also like to spend my breaks browsing the web and reading blog posts... Stuff I typically would do everyday, but I love it so much! :) You could also find a couple movies and spend a whole day watching movies. Mix in some childhood favorites with movies you enjoy now. If you feel the need to be productive you can also do a little bit of spring cleaning

Whether you are going on vacation, or staying home, spring break is always great. Perhaps you have a job and this a great time to get in some extra hours and make a little more money. Or it's just a great time to unwind and relax without worrying about school. It's a week to stay up late and sleep in. Just be careful not to mess up your sleep schedule to much, it's only one week. And it's easier to get out of good sleeping habits then it is to get back into them, and you only have a week. Plus you don't wanna sleep away your whole spring break! Do some thing you wouldn't normally have the time for, or spend more time doing them. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your spring break. It's the last big break until summer vacation. For me, it's the last break at all until graduation. But after spring break, there's only 1 more quarter left and we're done. :)

What are you doing for spring break this year? :)

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