Monday, March 4, 2013

Prom Series: Accessorize and Glamorize

Of course the dress you wear to prom is the most important part of the outfit, but you can't forget the right accessories to pull the whole look together. With that said, your shoes and accessories should compliment your dress, not try to compete with it, as with any other outfit. So as you start looking for the accessories to go with your dress, keep in mind my few basic tips. 

First of all you want to have your dress first, this goes without saying. You can't accessorize a dress without knowing what it looks like, LOL. Never try to pick out a dress from the accessories you get. After you have your dress the next thing to look for is the shoes. If you have a long dress, shoes won't play a huge part in your outfit. They should at least be a color that compliments your dress and be in a nice style, but they don't have to be extremely fancy. If you have a short dress, your shoes will play a bigger role, and you may want to consider getting slightly fancier looking shoes. And please, if you are like me and don't walk well in heals, don't feel the need to get heals. You'll want to be able to walk and dance comfortably and confidently... without the fear of falling into the punch bowl! LOL! There are plenty of pretty flats, and even shorter heals that you can pair with your dress. 

When it comes to everything else, which accessories you should pick will depend on the style of your dress. If you're dress has a lot of studs or decorations throughout it, you may want to tone down the accessories and use something more subtle. If your dress has a high neckline, you may want to skip out on a necklace completely. Accessories should also not clash with one another, on any day, not just for prom. If you choose to go with any statement accessories, you'll want to tone everything else down. Don't try to wear huge earrings with a huge necklace, it only looks bulky. Wear smaller earrings with a statement, or vice-versa. Remember to choose your accessories in colors that compliment your dress. If you can get a little bit of the dress color in them as well then that's amazing! 

You shouldn't overpay for your accessories, and the budget for your accessories should not exceed the budget of your dress (unless you get your dress for a VERY low price, which is possible as I'll put in a future post). I would say a good budget for prom accessories would be about $50-80 including shoes. You can adjust this number however you'd like based on what you can afford. You may want to consider getting your accessories at the same store you get your dress so you can compare them all right there, but it's only an option. My favorite store when it comes to accessories is Claire's, they have so many pretty accessories for a very reasonable price. Most of their accessories are under $20. You can get all of your accessories, minus the shoes here. You can even pick up a tiara if you are like me and daring enough to wear one! :) 

What are some of your basic tips when it comes to shopping for prom accessories? 

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