Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day!!

Today I ventured out into terrible, nasty weather to find out my school was on a 2 hour delay once I got to school. I admit that I was a bit ticked that I walked to school just to have to walk back home, then back to school in 2 hours. My own fault for not checking the school closings before I left, but there wasn't any snow on the ground. It was still nice to know that the school day was shortened, even though I spent part of my delay walking to school and back home. My 3 day week had just become a 2 and a half-- wait no, a 2 day week!! Shortly after I got home school was cancelled for the day. SNOW DAY! Or more like... freezing rain day, but hey any day off school is a good day. My first snow day since my sophomore year!

The first thing I did was grabbed some hot chocolate, and watched the local news to make sure I was seeing this right, my school called a snow day, LOL! As I sat there drinking my favorite cold day treat, I kept thinking of all the things you can do with this extra day off school. And before I went back to bed, I had a pretty good list of ideas of things you could do after waking up from some much needed extra sleep. 

Snow days are the perfect opportunity to get some things done. Use the extra day off to get organized. Clean your room, or reorganize your school stuff, get all of your school things in order. You could even use the day to reorganize something in your room that you feel could work a little bit better. Freshen the place up, get some dusting done, wash your bedding, and vacuum the floor. You could even rearrange your room a bit, and get a little change of environment. Sometimes moving just one piece of furniture can make a huge difference. Perhaps you might want to use it as an extra day to study for a big test, or work on a big project. Whatever you feel you need to get done, you have an extra day to get started on it.

Of course... snow days don't have to be used productively, and are also the perfect opportunity to take a lazy day. Get some extra sleep, and spend the day in your pajamas. Watch some TV, browse the web, or play some computer games or video games. I love to spend my days off playing The Sims 3! Do anything you wish, read some blogs, write a blog post, listen to music, it's your day off. If you were called off on an actual snow day, LOL, you could even throw on your winter gear and play in the snow like you may have done when you were little. Invite some friends over and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and make some snow angels. And don't forget to enjoy a nice hot cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or whatever you like to drink on a cold day when you come back inside! :)

What do you like to do on a snow day? Does your school call them often, or are they a rare occurrence like at my school?! Or do you live in an area with very little snow, and get called off for other reasons, or not at all?

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