Monday, February 18, 2013

Prom Series: My Dos And Don'ts

The big dance is coming up in a few months, and it's time to start preparing. It's time to start thinking of what kind of dress you want and how to accessorize, how to do your hair and make-up, and everything else related to the big day. But before I get into any of that, I'd like to share my list of prom dos and don'ts. These are things that I see as essential to having the best night you can, with no regrets. You want to remember your prom as a night of fun, not as a night of disaster or regrets. You only get four proms at the most, if you are invited your Freshman and Sophomore year. Some of you may even be like me, and only get one prom your senior year. Some of these things are more serious then others, but it's all for having the best night of memories as you can.

Dos and Don'ts

Do- At least go to your senior prom. Even if it's the only prom you go to.
Do- Wear a dress, and do your hair and make-up in a way that makes you feel beautiful. It's your night!
Do- Go with friends, and hang out with your friends while your at prom. Even if you have a date, spend some time with your best friends as well. Take some gorgeous pictures together!
Do- Bring a camera, preferably not just your phone. Take lots of pictures!
Do- Attend post-prom activities planned by your school if they make them. 
Do- Remain true to yourself. No matter what, stick to your values. 
Do- Hang around people that want the best for you. (Everyday, not just for prom.)

Don't- Skip y:our senior prom. It's a great night of memories, and you wouldn't want to miss out on one of your biggest high school memories. 
Don't- Feel as if you need to go with a guy. You don't need a boyfriend to have fun. 
Don't- Go alone. Like I said, go with friends if you don't have a guy to go with.
Don't- Feel as if you need to break the bank to get the best dress and look you can get. There are plenty of ways to save money.
Don't- Feel that you need to wear heals. Remember, you are going to be dancing. So you should pick shoes you feel comfortable in. There are plenty of gorgeous flats that you can wear as well as heals.
Don't- Spend the whole night on your phone. You should bring your phone in case of an emergency, but don't spend the whole night texting or on Facebook and Twitter. You can post about if after the dance. Prom is a rare opportunity. You can text any other time.
Don't- Go to someone's after party that you don't know very well. There is a potential that there could be things there that could get you into trouble. Also don't stick around a friend's party if drinking and drugs are involved.
Don't- Give in to any kind of pressure. Prom night can come with many pressures to drink, smoke, try drugs, have sex, and try things that can get you into trouble. Don't give in to please anyone else, or to "have a sense of adventure". Stick around people that support you and your values, and that don't want to see you get in trouble.  One mistake, in one night can change your life for the worse. Stay true to yourself,and your dreams.

What are your prom dos and don'ts?

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